Pediatric Surgical Chiefs of Canada


Care Pathway for Correction of Chest Wall Deformities

Lead: The Canadian NSQIP Collaborative

This project aims to establish best practice for the pre and postoperative care of patients with chest wall abnormalities.


How do I know that my Children’s Hospital provides the best surgical care for my child?”
Canadian families want answers.
Consensus endorsement by the Pediatric Surgical Chiefs of Canada for P-NSQIP

Policy on Innovation

Lead: Dr Erik Skarsgard

This initiative is to develop policies and procedures to introduce innovative procedures that ensure quality, safety and accountability to patients. Currently only a few hospitals have such policies. At the completion of this project, all children’s hospitals in Canada would share a similar policy.  (PSSC Position Statement on Innovation)

Preoperative Care Coordination Team (POCCT)

Lead: McMaster Children's Hospital

A multidisciplinary team looking after medically complex children who require surgery.


Quality improvement projects

Lead: Dr Helene Flageole

This initiative aims to become a repository of quality improvement projects that institutions can share amongst themselves.


Skin Preparation

Lead: Dr Annie Fecteau

This project aims to standardize the use of skin prep solutions in the neonatal population.