Pediatric Surgical Chiefs of Canada



How do I know that my Children’s Hospital provides the best surgical care for my child?”
Canadian families want answers.
Consensus endorsement by the Pediatric Surgical Chiefs of Canada for P-NSQIP

Pain Survey

Lead: Dr Sandeep Mayer

In this survey, Dr Mayer and his team examine the practices of surgeons across the country in how they treat post-operative pain for ambulatory surgical patients. The objective is to standardize best practices across the country.

Policy on Innovation

Lead: Dr Erik Skarsgard

This initiative is to develop policies and procedures to introduce innovative procedures that ensure quality, safety and accountability to patients. Currently only a few hospitals have such policies. At the completion of this project, all children’s hospitals in Canada would share a similar policy.  (PSSC Position Statement on Innovation)

PCAT’s project

Lead: Barbara Fisher, Mary Muir, Shawn Hillhouse, Mary Ann Hiltz, Siam Javied

Nine hospitals currently participate in this database that monitors pediatric surgical wait times and compares participating hospitals.

Quality improvement projects

Lead: Dr Helene Flageole

This initiative aims to become a repository of quality improvement projects that institutions can share amongst themselves.
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